PREVICOX is one of a coxib class of Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) and is designed specifically to alleviate the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis in dogs.

Don't let osteoarthritis rob your pet of the activities dogs - and their owners - enjoy. With strong, fast-acting relief from the pain and inflammation caused by canine osteoarthritis, PREVICOX can make all the difference in your dogs life - and yours.



Customer Reviews

I Absolutely Love This Product!!
My 14+yo Keeshond has had ongoing issues for a couple of years. We started on MSM and migrated to a mild nsaid. However, the previcox is in a totally different league. AND Works much better than rymadyl which processed thru the liver!

By: Jane Lee

Previcox and my 10 yr old Border Collie
I have been using Rimadyl for over 2 years on an irregular basis - only when the dog was really struggling to walk and get up, mainly in winter. It had stopped working and the dog was in pain. I tried cartrophen injections and did not notice any real benefit. Vet then suggested I try Previcox. Previcox started working within 2-3 hours. The following day the swelling in his front paws had almost disappeared and he was as active as a four year old dog again. The difference is truly amazing. This drug however is very expensive and little is known regarding its long term effects.

Jodie Rolmel


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